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Paints & Stains

                       We carry a full line of California Paints and Stains!

For more detailed information on the California products we carry, click on this link to the California Paints website for more in-depth information on the complete line of products available for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential applications. Our new line of "ELEMENTS" California Paints contains no VOC's, which means little or no paint odor for those situations when sensitivity to the smell of fresh paint is an issue, and it is more  environmentally friendly.

zero VOC finishes! California Paints has developed a new interior paint line that includes a primer, ceiling white, and three interior finishes. This line of paint has been certified by the Coatings Research Group, Inc. (CRGI) to meet environmentally responsible standards. ELEMENTS has ZERO VOC's and contains no harmful chemical compounds; it meets or exceeds the stringent CGRI green performance criteria.

Imagine, with essentially no odor, the process of airing out a freshly painted room is now a thing of the past! And all ELEMENTS finishes are ready-to-use and clean up with soap and water. 

             Child Guard - Encapsulant for Lead-based Paint

ChildGuard is a thermoplastic-elastomeric, water-based, co-polymer blended specifically to form a durable yet flexible barrier between lead-based paint and the environment. It is formulated to offer unparalleled coverage, exonomics and paint-like aesthetics while preserving historic and architectural detail. ChildGuard contains Bitrex, a very bitter tasting, non-toxicant-ingestant to discourage oral contact with lead paint. ChildGuard is white and can be tinted with up to 2 ounces of universal colorant per gallon. Available in 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

 SUPERDECK contains the highest quality transparent oxide pigments to keep your wood looking like new with long lasting color and UV sun protection. Superdeck’s high solids oil based formula penetrates deep into the wood’s surface to lubricate and strengthen wood and form a superior water barrier. One coat of Superdeck is all that is needed for new wood-saving you time and money. Superdeck is professional grade with satisfaction guaranteed every time.

Balance and harmony are core elements of our palette

Immerse your senses at the edge of an encroaching spruce forest.  Sift the warm sand through your open fingers.Grounded, balanced, elemental, our colors change with the light throughout the day just as they would in nature. And whether you choose a cool mountainous gray, mossy green, warm gold or earthy, organic red, the result will be a rich, inviting color for your home. For more information on the full line of Storm Stains available click here.

 Minwax® Wood Finish™ A penetrating oil-based wood stain, available in 22 wood tone colors that can be used to enhance any wood surface.

Minwax® Gel Stain A gelled oil-based wood stain which can be applied to wood, plywood, veneer, fiberglass, metal, and molded fiberboard.




                      Hard-to-find Old Fashoned MILK PAINT- WE HAVE IT!
The basic formula dates back to Ancient Egypt, yet it is one of the most non-toxic and environmentally safe paints around today, and with zero VOC's.  It is safe for children's furnature and toys, and for most people who are allergic to modern paints. It comes in 20 colors (even more can be made by mixing with other colors) and is packaged as a dry powder in 3 sizes; pint, quart, or gallon.  You can achieve rich natural colors that authentically reflect those colors found on existing antique furnature. Durable & beautiful!For more information visit the Milk Paint Company.

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