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Specialty Coatings

You won't find these at your local Big Box Store!


Insl-X Superior Coatings for Industrial, Commercial, Farm, Home, and More...

For 50 Years Coronado Paint has been the choice of painting professionals, providing paints with lasting performance and consistent quality. Whether you’re a homeowner repainting a room, or an architect specifying coatings for a new stadium or convention center, we have the paints, primers and industrial coatings to deliver the performance your project needs.

Coronado offers an extensive line up of High Performance Coatings for all industries. Choose from Epoxies, Urethanes , Electrostatic Coatings, Moisture Cured Systems, Traffic Paints, Coal Tar Epoxies, Vinyl Wash Primers, Maintenance Enamels and More…...

Coronado Architectural Systems are complete from Interior and Exterior paints, Waterproofing Systems, Floor coatings, Dry Fog Coatings, Acrylic Knockdown Coatings, Multi Color Wall Coatings, and much, much more.

This is a high performance, QUICK DRY, rust preventative enamel formulated for use on ferrous metal substrates.

FAST 15 Minute Dry
Airless or HVLP Systems
Hard Scratch & Impact Resistant Coating
Recommended for Interior and Exterior Coating
Multiple Colors Choices!

CHECKRUST Instant Enamel is recommended for Machinery, Factory Equipment, Farm Equipment, Railings, Lawn Furniture, and more.

Dries to the touch in 15 minutes
Smooth, High Gloss finish resists cracking, peeling, and chipping
Can be used on wood, masonry, or metal
Metal Coat can be used on unpainted or previously painted surfaces
Interior and Exterior surfaces


Insl-Rapid Dry Gloss Coating is a high performance, one component, quick-dry,
rust preventative shop enamel formulated for use on ferrous metal substrates. It can be used in shop application facilities in the fabrication market. Ideal for use in industrial refurbishment, e.g., machinery, dumpsters, implements, or construction enamel.

Insl-Acrylic Gloss DTM Enamel is a high performance, one component, direct to metal (DTM) acrylic finish formulated for application to a wide variety of metals and other substrates, either direct or as a UV resistant finish applied over primer. It out performs most "DTM" systems on the market, having superior resistance to moisture throughout the coating life.

Insl-Polyamide Epoxy Gloss Coating is a high solids coating designed for use in food and beverage processing, industrial maintenance, general metal finishing and fabrication, chemical processing, industrial and commercial flooring and other areas requiring maximum impact and abrasion resistance.

Introducing the redesigned collection of high performance industrial coatings from California Paints


California Paints Industrial "RUST STOP DTM" ; a coating for ferrous metals and other surfaces exposed to general industrial and atmospheric conditions.

California Paints Industrial "TUF-QUIK";  a heavy duty gloss 1-component oil-modified polyurethane enamel.

California Paints Industrial "TILE-COTE" ; a tough 2-component chemical resistant coating that produces a durable tile-like finish.

California Paints "SKID-GRIP" Acrylic; an anti-slip surface for use on concrete and asphalt, both interior and exterior applications. It also provides an extra layer of protection from UV exposure, as well as a beautiful finish  for medium to high use traffic areas.

Imperial "Rust No More"; guaranteed 5 YEARS to stop rust, direct to rust coating, compatible with any topcoat. It works on clean or rusty steel, galvanized metal, zinc, aluminum, tin or previously painted surfaces, and can be applied by brush, roller, conventional spray or airless sprayer. It penetrates the porous rust reaching the metal underneath in a one-step process.