Commercial Building Painting


Commercial painting varies a great deal from other types of painting. While it's relatively easy for homeowners to vacate a residential property for a few days if needed, it's almost impossible for business enterprises to allow that same level of access to a work crew.

At Couture Bros., working within your business schedule is absolutely no problem. We're commercial building painting specialists, and have decades of experience painting all types of commercial buildings and infrastructure. Whether you need interior painting for an office, or a complete exterior paint job for a condominium or hotel project, our commercial building painting pros have the expert product knowledge and application know-how to ensure a job done right. We can even help you out when it comes to retail and commercial tenant improvements. From interior and exterior painting, to wall covering, to staining, our pros at Couture Bros. have the skill and craftsmanship to handle any commercial building painting project.

Industrial Painting

INDUSTRIAL PAINTING - Skill and Discipline Are Critical

Professional painting usually encompasses three areas - residential, commercial and industrial painting. And while many companies handle the first two, far fewer companies have the right combination of skill and discipline to take on the tough jobs so often found in the realm of industrial painting.


At Couture Bros., we are industrial painting experts, and we have decades of experience in tackling big industrial jobs. Whether you need interior or exterior coatings, deck coatings or heavy machinery painting, our expert coatings specialists have the product knowledge and application prowess to get your job done right - on time and on budget.

When we took on the facilities for a major contractor in Sunderland, MA we knew we were in for a big job: tank coatings and more, spread across a very large active plant. The facilities are subjected to harsh climate conditions as well as very tough working conditions. Our company had to deliver an industrial painting job that would not quit, and we did so on time and within budget.

Projects like this separate the ordinary painting company from the truly capable and confident industrial painting contractors like our team at Couture Bros. When you inquire about your project, we will help define your objectives, discuss your timeframe and budgetary needs, as well as any other special considerations your particular job demands. We then work with you to develop a project plan that will achieve your objectives under the parameters you set.

We will also discuss coatings and applications options you might not have considered, as well as ways to maximize your budget to ensure you get a quality industrial painting job that won't decimate your bottom line.

We have handled commercial & industrial painting projects across an array of industries. Some of our clients include:

  • Berkshire Gas Company
  • Eaglebrook School
  • Greenfield Savings Bank
  • Judd Wire
  • Baystate Franklin Medical Center
  • Firstlight Power Services LLC

Residential Painting

The most cost-effective improvement you can make to beautify and add value to your home is a fresh coat of paint. If you are going to put your home on the market or just want a new look for your home, we make sure your project is done quickly with minimal disruption and with the professional quality work we are known for. Our residential services include:

  • Powerwashing
  • Exterior Painting
  • Interior Painting
  • Wallpapering & Wallpaper Removal
  • Color Matching
  • Apartments
  • Deck Painting & Staining

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